STeP UP Projects and Status Information

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5 Projects currently underway – funding secured

1. Countrywide with UNICEF Production of mosquito nets for malaria prevention

    with the involvement of primary schools *

2. Countrywide with Winrock Int’l Scholarships for 600 primary school girls*

3. São Tomé City English language school (SAPEL)*

4. Country-wide with Ministries of Education and the Environment - Translation and Publication of

    Environmental Workbook for Primary Schools*

5. São Tomé City Computers from St. Bernard School (NYC) for training*

                             view computers and Internet access for schools project description


20 Completed Projects

6. Country-wide California Academy of Science Research - Phase 2 (2006)*

7. Condé Health Post Construction

8. Pantufo School Garden*

9. Near São Tomé City Community water tank

10. Country-wide Support to California Academy of Sciences Research Team (2001)*

11. Gasper Water Post construction

12. São Tomé City STeP UP seminar on how to write a project proposal *

13. Melhorada Nursey School Kitchen repair

14. Morro Peixe Restaurant rehabilitation

15. São Tomé City Scholarships for girl’s who didn’t finish school*

16. São Tomé City Training in sewing and embroidery*

17. São Tomé City Microphones for the National Assembly

18. São Tomé City Conference on Extractive Industries with OSIWA*

(Open Society Institute for West Africa - George Soros)

19. Anselmo Andrade Adult literacy and training in sewing*

20. Principe Pumps and other equipment for water development

21. São Tomé City Training in Tailoring*

22. Anselmo Andrade Roof repair on community center

23. Principe Pumps and other equipment for water development

24. São Tomé City Training in tailoring*

25. Morro Peixe Seminar on turtle protection*


14 Projects seeking funding

26. São Tomé City STeP UP Education Center*

27. São Tomé Training for Handicapped Equipment

28. Country-wide AIDS seminar*

29. Budo-Budo Training in sewing and embroidery*

30. São Tomé City Home Economics Training*

31. São Marçal Training in Auto Mechanics*

32. Almas Training in Upholstery*

33. Santana Training in Ceramic Jewelry Making*

34. All Beaches Conservation of Beach Sand*

35. Country-wide Environmental Workbook distribution*

36. Micoló Construction of a community center

38. Uba Budo Water System

38. Country-wide Flowers for export

39. Principe Latrines in Nouva Fronteira


4 Projects planned with identified donors, but as yet unfunded

40. CATAP/Monté Café Agricultural Diversification and Training*

41. Obo Izaquente Construction of Community Center

42. São Tomé City Construction of Office for 4 Environmental NGOs

43. Country-wide STeP integration into CARPE Central Africa Program

     (Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment)

* - Training/Education focus