STeP UP Donor Recognition



Corinne and Brent* Abel

John Alexander

Irene Alton

Frances Alpern

Jude Andreasen and Cleve Overton 

Anonymous (9)


Dave and Jill Aughey


Kitty Bacon

Rita Barela and Associates (!)

Jim and Kristan Bender

James and Sharon Bertrand

Ambassador Peggy Blackford

John Blumgart

Steve and Mary Bolton

Mary Jane Brinton

Vicki Brown

Susan Okie Bush


Don Campbell

Chase Wildlife Foundation

Diana Cheng

Dave and Jane Chittenden

Ann Christensen

Jay and Syma Cohn

Katie Collins

Frank Conlon and Eva Sullivan

Sally Connellon

Camille Cortese

Joan Crowell

Arabella and Jim Cureton


Chuck Dayton

Bob and Laurie Dolian

Jim and Yvonne Dorsey


Maria Ealand *

Don Easum

Jennifer Edwards

Elizabeth Eisenstein

Maria Eitz

Ann Elston and Lawrence Lossing   

Anne Elizabeth Evans

Jeff Eyres and Tracey Smith


Mod and Theresa Feders

Gloria Ferguson

Mike Ferry

Dennis Fitzpatrick

Charles and Jackie Flanigan

Flossie Fowlkes

Chuck Frankel

Marc and Ruth Franklin

Margaret Frondorf

Suzanne Fullar


Alison Geballe

John Getsinger

Bob and Wendy Gibney

Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund 

Grace Goodell

David Graff

Timothy and Miki Griffin

Deb Grocholski


Bill and Judy Hall

Julie Hannaford

Scott and Cher Harris

George Hatch

Whitney and Elizabeth Hatch

Benjamin Henley *

William Henley

Chris Hennemeyer

Lauren Jaffe Hofing

Andy Horstman and Katy Perry

John Hughes and Kathy Vessells 


Jack Humphreville

and the Charitable Gift Fund

Sally and Farooq Hussain


Dan and Kathy Kahn

Virginia Kahn

Robert Kasisi

David Kelley

Susan and Robert King, Jr.

Doug Knowles

Peter Knowles and Betsy Ranslow


Dena Leavitt

Millie Leet

Lelei M. Lelaulu

Brian Leventhal

Dr. Marjorie Lewisohn*

Molly Lineberger

Dick Livingston

James Lockhart

Josephine Lowe

Mary and Charles Lowrey


Robert and Nina MacAlister

Mary N. Malkmus

Penny T. Mazzola

Anita and Mike McCann

Ellen and Charlie McCarthy

Bonnie and Eric McClafferty

Karla McGray

Laura McHale

David and Patricia McInerney

Faye Mills

Bob and Jane Miness

Nina Miness

Salvatore and Darcy Miscio

Bill Moody and Rockefeller Bros. Fund  

Brooke and Wendell* Mordy

Fred Morris and Connie Noterman

David Morris

Robert and Mary Morris

Helen Mulroney


Bill and Michele Newman


Owen & Kristina O´Donnell

Dan Ogden

Jesse Okie and Mary Huntington

Martha Okie and Anthony Fouracre

Bob Osborne


Bill Papallo

Glenn Patterson

Wes and Stephanie Pederson

Betty Phillips

John Phillips

Charlotte Phillips

Ruth Ann Pries


Karen and David Quinby


Janet Rice and Peter Bachman 

Robert and Carol Roach

Benson and Jane* Roe

David Roe

Dave and Gail Romoser

Ken and Terry Rowe

Return Peace Corps Volunteers of Wisconsin


Salamatu Foundation

Genivièvre di San Faustino

Mark and Julie Schwartz

Charlotte Seligman

Garrett Seligman and Dean Witter (!)

Ned Seligman

Peggy and Joseph* Seligman

Tom Seligman

Adam Serchuk and Amy Sharpe

Blake Shepard and Ann Godfrey 

Dawn and Chris Sibilia

Bob Siegel

Barbara Silverman

Penny Bellamy and Mark Simon

Amy Skewes-Cox

Mary Skewes-Cox

Pamela Skewes-Cox

Jerome and Nancy Solari

Judge John Sommerville

Jacqui Starkey

Bryan and Connie Starns

Phyllis Stinson and Ed Roche


Christine Theurmer

Kitty Theurmer

Richard Thiele

Abby Thomas

Bob and Sally Truesdale and the Truesdale Co.

Robert Turner 


Pieter van Welzen


Mrs. Paul (Phyllis) Wattis

Ellen and Klaus Werner

Sue Wichmann and D.R. Martin 

Women in Development Committee for STeP

Bryan Wisner

Mimi Wolford

Pam Woodard


Steven Zabel

Chenny Zhang

Xiaochaun  and Xiaoling Zhang

Michelle Zweede and David Holmes 





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!  In Kind

* Deceased