Project Sectors

The Types of Projects that STeP UP Supports

Training is the primary focus of STeP UP, a major element of all sectors noted below.


  Typically relates to training in disease
  prevention (e.g. latrines, draining stagnant
  water to prevent malarial mosquitos from
  breeding, etc.) and construction of local health




Focuses on providing teacher- training and materials to primary schools, middle schools and to the sole high school in São Tomé City. Projects may involve the rehabilitation of buildings or the construction of schools in remote communities.

See the initiative to provide computers and Internet for schools




  Projects in this sector provide
  training to farmers in techniques used in the
  introduction of new crops to help diversify
  away from the cocoa monoculture. They also
  provide appropriate technologies for using the
  abundant rain water and natural fertilizers available
  on the islands.


  Projects relating to the environment
  are often closely related to agriculture. Training in
  sound agricultural practices leads to a healthy
  environment. Reforestation, protection of local
  species--often endemic--and the rational use of
  existing resources, are primary project activities.

Income Generation:

  Projects for training youth in
  practical services solves
two chronic problems on
  the islands: unemployment and a dysfunctional
  service industry. These projects now focus on
  construction techniques, auto mechanics, jewelry
  making and upholstery.